Meetings on Projects

I realized when I laid out the schedule for last Wed, and saw the project descriptions that had been posted, that we couldn’t get very far in discussing projects in class. Also, it would be useful to talk with you individually, since this class is a little, well, different, and so are the projects.

So I’d like to meet with each of you individually — for the people working together on projects, I’ll meet with you together.

Please sign up here.

Please cluster the meetings if possible — don’t leave holes in the schedule if you can avoid it.

If none of these times works for you, email me and we’ll work something out. I’m at an off-campus meeting all day Thurs and Fri.

Flickr Group Created

I’ve created a Flickr group called

i290 viz narrative

It’s a public group, meaning you don’t need an invitation to join.  Just search for the group and then join.  Then you have the option of posting images and short (<90 second) videos to the group.  We’ll use this for sharing images and short videos — easier than the course blog.
Feel free to post *anything* you’d like the rest of us to see.
FYI, videos can take a long time to upload, but are easy to view.