Speech Search for Video and Audio?

UPDATE 2/5/11: Forget it.  I tried it with a nice, clean audio file recorded under optimal conditions, and it was gibberish. They shouldn’t have this on the market.

Adobe Premiere Pro is supposed to now have a Speech Search feature that does automatic transcriptions.  No one claims it’s as good as a human transcriber, but some claim it’s 75% accurate or so.  They advertise it as being for searching audio and video for where certain things are said, but of course it could also be used to do a first pass at transcriptions, IF it is as good as they claim.  I don’t know anyone who has tried it.  I supposedly have access to it — need to see if I can get it working.

Here’s a review:


And this is from Adobe:


I found a blog posting about Get, an add-in for Final Cut Pro that does something similar, but it’s $499 on top of the $800 or so for FCP.

Anthology of Texts on Online Video

From Video Vortex Reader II

In March 2011 the second Video Vortex Reader will be available in printed book form, as well as a free pdf download from this page.

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Video Vortex Reader: Responses to Youtube

vvcover_frontabout the book: The Video Vortex Reader is the first collection of critical texts to deal with the rapidly emerging world of online video – from its explosive rise in 2005 with YouTube, to its future as a significant form of personal media.