Image Resources

updated 3/12/11

Tutorials Lots of tutorials on photography and sound as well as video.

Sources of images

Flickr, of course

Finding Free Creative Commons Pictures

Photo editing and digital asset management

Adobe Lightroom — seems to have replaced Aperture completely, at least among serious photographers.  For my money, absolutely the only choice (other than Photoshop).  Works well with Photoshop.


iPhoto – basic, but it works


Adobe Photoshop Elements

Advanced Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop, of course

Camera Reviews

dpreview is probably the best out there — unlike sources like CNET, these people are photographers.  It also hosts useful forums.


Good source of how-tos and examples:

Photo Editing Tools

Photoshop family:

  • Photoshop Express Online Toolsfree online editor, organizer, and slideshows.  I don’t much like their online editor — it’s not flexible enough. But definitely easy.
  • Photoshop Express for iPhone and iPad
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements (Windows and Mac) Handles uploading, organizing, editing, and sharing  ($80 or so)
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3: Absolutely the best all arounbd resource for digital resource management and most development/editing, if you know what you’re doing. ($82.50 academic pricing; Mac and Windows; 30-day trial available. ASUC computer store carries it.)   LR3 can handle video from dSLRs.
  • Photoshop.  The most complex and most powerful.  Not easy, not cheap, but academic pricing is available.

Mac Preview function: to my surprise, has pretty good editing tools.

iPhoto, of course

Windows Live Photo Gallery

With, Facebook, Picasa, or from your own computer: Piknik

Photographic Resources

( Let me know if you find broken links.)

Advice for point-and-shoot camera users:

Editing (adjusting the image):


There are a LOT of iPhone apps for still images and for video.
The latest list comes from photography superstore, Adorama, which announced the winners of its first annual APPOS – iPhone App Awards for Photography today. What stands out about this top photo app list is that the winners were chosen from apps that avid iPhone photographers actually use. You see, Adorama also ran an iPhone photography contest that drew over 17,000 image submissions. A panel of judges then selected the top 10 iPhone apps from among the apps that were most frequently used to create the 17,000 images. The six judges included acclaimed photographers, journalists, photojournalists, and oddly, sports radio show hosts.


Free (and pretty good) audio editing software: Audacity Mac and Windows

Recording phone calls using Google Voice — the major limitations: they have to call you, doesn’t work when you call them.

Slideshows: Images and Sound

iPhoto — pretty good. Windows and Mac.   Free demo.  $40 basic; $70 pro.


Free and Open-source Vertov:

As of 10/15/10 the current version of Vertov is not compatible with the current version of Zotero.

Vertov is a free media annotating plugin for Zotero, an innovative,
easy-to-use, and infinitely extendable research tool. Both are Firefox
extensions. Vertov allows you to cut video and audio files into clips,
annotate the clips, and integrate your annotations with other research
sources and notes stored in Zotero.


Windows Live Movie Maker

Jaycut – see Lifehacker description.  Web, free.

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