Good Movie for Photographers!

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham New York

If you read the Sunday NY Times On the Street Column (on paper) or seen the videos you’ve seen his photos of what people are wearing in NY.  He also does their column that looks like socialites (but he says he only covers events for worthwhile charities).

He’s 80 and bicycles around NY (on his 29th bike; 28 have been stolen) looking for people wearing interesting clothes and spotting trends.  He clearly has 2 loves: fashion and photography. Works in film, carrying a little Nikon and snapping pictures right and left.  His “apartment” is a small room filled with file cabinets and a pallet that he sleeps on. He’s never there except to sleep.

The big people in fashion all know who he is, as unprepossessing as he is on the street in his simple clothes and his Schwinn.

It’s also interesting as a documentary — noticing how they do it, how they captured the images and sound, how they set up the interview situations, how they edited it together.

I came out of the theater noticing a LOT more about the people on the streets of Berkeley and wishing I had my camera!

It’s playing at the Shattuck but has been there for a while, so may not be there much longer.

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Totally Optional Photo Discussion

Since people said it would have been nice to have more discussion of photos — and there won’t be time on Wed since we’ll be doing presentations:

I went to this track meet on campus this weekend specifically to photograph it. I didn’t carry my longest lens, so many of these are cropped from larger pictures. These show the value of having MORE megapixels: you can crop and still have an fairly good image. A couple of images are online in more and less cropped versions; I cropped them further in response to feedback from a photographer friend. I think you can see how cropping out the extra strengthens the image.

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