Audio Resources

DropVox – iPhone/ipod touch app that saves audio and uploads to Dropbox Comprehensive site for public radio resources — has lots of links to tools etc. Reviews of tools. Also has many very accessible articles about doing various technical things to audio — e.g., different kinds of equalizers included in audio editing software and how to use them to improve the quality of previously-recorded sound. Indispensible.

Reality Radio
Telling True Stories in Sound

by John Biewen, editor / Alexa Dilworth, coeditor

Published by theĀ University of North Carolina Press andĀ CDS Books at the Center for Documentary Studies in March 2010


Audio editors:

Audacity good, widely-used, free

Hindenburg audio editor and field recorder from – I’ve started using Hindenberg in place of Audacity — similar but more powerful. Has an iPhone app, too.

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