Photography on the way to class

I spent a long time trying to get a photo of these flowers on my coffee table. It turns out my entire living room is filled with while cabinets, trim, and glass that reflects the sun in the morning. I’m still not quite happy with the picture, but here it is. My plan was to get one photo at home, one on the way to BART, and one in Berkeley, but I only managed to get the first 2 photos since I spent too long trying to get a better flower shot.

RedEye Photo Challenge winner

I am sharing my friend Matt’s winning entry in Chicago’s RedEye Photo Challenge. Over 2,000 photos were submitted after last week’s Great Blizzaster (which dumped 26″ of snow on the Chicagoland area!) so I’m extra proud 🙂 I love the subject, composition, light, and colors. He has other interesting pictures on his site, which the editor mentions in the accompanying blurb. After our discussion about composition today, I thought you might enjoy seeing this (and the other 31 top entries)!

N.B.: You’ll need to scroll all the way to the right to see Matt’s photo (the snowman pic that shows up on this link’s page is actually #32; the picture scroll is right below the enlarged image).