3 shot story

Oops. Totally forgot to post this last week, sorry!

These were my Valentine day cupcakes. I used Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix; the red dye stained my fingers after I licked the bowl. Homemade cream cheese frosting. Red sprinkles and paper hearts to complete.


Flickr Group Created

I’ve created a Flickr group called

i290 viz narrative

It’s a public group, meaning you don’t need an invitation to join.  Just search for the group and then join.  Then you have the option of posting images and short (<90 second) videos to the group.  We’ll use this for sharing images and short videos — easier than the course blog.
Feel free to post *anything* you’d like the rest of us to see.
FYI, videos can take a long time to upload, but are easy to view.

Playing with Whitebalance

While camping, I played with some of the white balance when taking pictures of the campfire. Made for some interesting photos of the fire.

Edit- While taking the photo of the fire, I manually set my camera’s white balance (it is one of the white balance options). The camera tries to reset the white balance in accordance to the scene, which caused the change in color of the flame.

Kimra’s Three-Photo Story

I unexpectedly found myself without a computer for much of the past week, so this is an iPhone special — the photos were taken with my phone and then uploaded to flickr. It was interesting trying to work with this camera in low light, but I gave it a shot …

“Triple Shot” Espresso