The Elements of the Course

Syllabus still in process.

Some key elements of the course:


Making media

Still photos, audio, video.

Content: what do you record, make, construct?

Technical elements: how do you do this?


Someone described editing as “shooting puppies” — you love what you’ve made but you can’t use it all. You have to pick (1) what’s good quality and (2) what’s essential to your story. Again, we have to deal with both content and technical means.


Telling your story — whether it’s functional (how do people do x) or creative — you have to know what your story is and how to tell it effectively with a variety of media.  Storytelling is linear. Although with new media we can break out of this constraint, for our audience and for the story we want to tell, we usually do end up with a linear product,  a story we tell in time.


Broadly defined:  presentations, online, print; however you present your project, tell your story.


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