updated 4/9/12


1. Jan. 17 & 19: Intro to course and participants

Jan. 19: bring  your still camera (if you have one) to class. Bring your manual if you have it.

Please answer this survey if you haven’t already.

Hands on: still cameras; video cameras; photo software


2. Jan. 24 & 26

Visual Culture
Hands on: photography basics

For Jan 26: go out and play with your camera!  If you wish, post some image to the class Flickr group.  Come prepared to talk about your experience and share some images, if you wish.

3. Jan 31 & Feb. 2

Practices of seeing
Hands on: photography basics, more
For Thursday: Photograph your morning.

4. Feb. 7 & 9

Visual Anthropology, Sociology, and Ethnography

An overview of research ON the visual and research USING the visual.

[relationships with participants removed 2/5]


Held over from last week:

Barthes, R. (2003). Rhetoric of the image. In L. Wells (Ed.), The photography reader. London: Routledge.  (Not my scan) A classic. Here’s one of many postings of the image he writes about.


Feb 7 Assignment: Photograph Your Morning  (if you haven’t already done this, do it now)


5. Feb. 14 & 16

The Power of Photographs

For Thursday: Change Your Point of View


6. Feb 21 & 23

We’ll look at the Change Your Point of View images


Feb 23: a quick tutorial on lighting and flash — see

For Feb 23: Tell a Story in Three Images

7. Feb. 28 & March 1

For March 1: Change your lighting




8. March 6 & 8


Making Audio

Hands on: audio editing  including demo of Audacity

View your images: change your lighting


9. March 13 & 15

Sound, contd.

Video; also combining audio and still images.    Demo of doing this with iMovie and Soundslides (you can download 30 day free demo).  (Windows users: look at Windows Media Maker.)

Assignment for March 13: Make  & Edit a Short Audio Recording  Please put in Dropbox folder before class March 13.

Make some still photos that you will combine next week with this audio (or some other audio).  This requires that you think about how each can enhance the other.

10. March 20

due March 20: brief description of your final project.  We will spend as much of the 20th discussing these as we need to.


Assignment for March 20:   Make a short slide show with audio and still images.  Please put in Dropbox folder before class March 20 OR put online somewhere we can access it.  (Flickr will accept videos up to 90 seconds; they take forever to upload and process, so be patient.)

We will  NOT have class March 22.


Spring Break


Much of our time after break will consist of preliminary viewing and discussion of student projects.

We will also address some new topics — TBD. 

1. April 3 & 5


Update: April 5 we’ll look at this video by award-winning video journalist Dave Delozier and talk about it in terms of these readings.



Hands on: making video

Hands on: Video Editing

Moved Assignment: Make a short video  

12. April 10 & 12

Assignment for April 10: Make a short video not still images & audio but video.  Please put in Dropbox folder before class April  10 or put online somewhere we can access it.  (Flickr will accept videos up to 90 seconds; they take forever to upload and process, so be patient.)

13. April 17 & 19

Alternative approaches to digital storytelling

14. April 24 & 26



April 26: Steve, Simon, Zari

15. RRR week

May1: Daniel, Peggy, Marissa

May 3: Genevieve, Shilpa, Vannie