For discussion:

Pauwels, L. (2008). Taking and Using. Visual Communication Quarterly, 15(4), 243-257. Routledge. doi:10.1080/15551390802415071


Others resources:

Papademas, D., 2009. The International Visual Sociology Association 2009 IVSA Code of Research Ethics and Guidelines. Visual Studies 24, 250–257.

Perry, S., & Marion, J. S. (2010). State of the Ethics in Visual Anthropology. Visual Anthropology Review, 26(2).

American Anthropological Association Code of Ethics (does not directly address visual materials)

Cross-cultural filmmaking [electronic resource]: a handbook for making documentary and ethnographic films and videos:  chapter on Ethics.

Below are from the perspectives of journalism and oral history, not social science research. But very useful.

The Photographer’s Right – a summary of the laws regarding photography and video in public places

Dan Heller photography on model releases