Image [&] Narrative is a peer-reviewed e-journal on visual narratology and word and image studies in the broadest sense of the term. It does not focus on a narrowly defined corpus or theoretical framework, but questions the mutual shaping of literary and visual cultures. Beside tackling theoretical issues, it is a platform for reviews of real life examples. Each issue features three parts: 1) a thematic cluster, guest-edited by specialized scholars in the field; 2) a selection of various articles; 3) reviews of recent publications. Image [&] Narrative is a bilingual journal, which publishes contributions in either English or French, and which fosters cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue between linguistic and scientific traditions.

Visual Communication Quarterly  is an international, peer-reviewed journal of theory, research, practical criticism, and creative work in all areas of visual communication. Our goal is to promote an inclusive, broad discussion of all things visual, while also encouraging synthesis and theory building across our fascinating field of study.

We define “visual” in the broadest sense of the word — from dreams and cognitive theory through gesture and geography, as well as issues concerning visual ethics, visual ecology, representation, visual media in all forms, and visual behavior. Methods range from tightly controlled quantitative studies through critical analysis, essays, qualitative scholarship, and creative art. We also print numerous single images and portfolios as well as multimedia work on our Web site, a rarity among academic journals.


Special Issues of Journals

Anthropologies, Issue 10: Beyond Words (the visual issue), Jan. 2012.


Online Learning

There’s a huge amount of info available online, ranging from PDF cheat sheets to download to videos.

I know about Canon’s online resources.  I use their Quick Guides.  I’m sure Nikon has something similar.  I don’t know about other manufacturers.

There are also lots of YouTube videos of how to do certain things.  Quality varies, of course. also has lots of tutorials.  It’s well worth digging around on whatever topic you need.