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About this course

Visual media are central to much of what we do in the I School, as well as other professions and research domains. Easy and low-cost video and still cameras, cameraphones, and audio recording devices make it easy to record such things as activity and interviews. Reports and presentations, face-to-face and distant, online and off, rely heavily on the visual. In design work, media are used both to inform design and to present design concepts and use scenarios.

However, our knowledge about how to effectively make, use, summarize, and present these media trails far behind our ability to create hours and gigabytes of content.

In this seminar, we will address both theoretical and practical issues of capturing video, audio, and still images and creating narratives and presentations. We will read from such areas as visual anthropology and visual studies; and we will get hands-on experience creating and editing our own media.
This is not a technical course; nor is it a media production how-to. But we will cover some of the basics of making and editing media. Both theory and hands-on practice are needed to really delve into this domain.

No prior experience is necessary, but students who are already grappling with visual (and audio) media will find this course especially useful.

This course is appropriate for master’s and Ph.D. students from the I School and other disciplines. 

It would be an excellent companion to I214, User Experience Research, or to I272, Qualitative Research Methods for Information Systems and Management, or equivalents, although there are no prerequisites.

For second year I School master’s students, we’ll pay special attention to visual media for final projects and presentations.

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Link to Syllabus

Syllabus is under construction.


List of pages along the right are possible topics and readings.  More TBA.  We won’t read all this; these are possibilities.  Final syllabus will depend on who’s in the class and what are people’s particular interests.

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What researchers are talking about: Videography and the analysis of visual knowledge and culture

Deadline is past but interesting for what they’re talking about.

The last decades have witnessed a `visual revolution´. Visual technologies have become part of the everyday life of more and morepeople who are not only audiences, but also producers. Particularly the availability and omnipresence of video recordings has transformed everyday culture as well as actors’ knowledge. At the same time, sociology and the social sciences around the globe are developing methods for the analysis of audio-visual data.


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“As convenors of the i-Docs symposium, we want to embrace a very large definition of the field. For us any project that starts with an intention to document the ‘real’ and that does so by using digital interactive technology can be considered an i-doc.”


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Social Impact Through Imagery: Panel Presentations

Their announcement:

PhotoPhilanthropy will host a panel event with 2 seminars for photographers and non-profits. Great speakers! Don’t miss out!

Social Impact Through Imagery: Panel Presentations California College of the Arts, San Francisco – Timken Auditorium January 22, 2012, Sunday – 10am – 1pm
Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to hear from internationally recognized leaders in visual storytelling for non-profits. A series of dynamic presentations will show how to make impact-through-imagery and use photography to raise awareness for social causes. Learn how non-profits and photographers can work together to make an impact.

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Class Flickr Group

We will have a private Flickr group. Membership is my my approval only, and no one outside the group can see your images (unless you make them public on your own Flickr stream).

If you don’t already have an account on, please create one. It’s free.

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