Shooting Puppies: A Tutorial – by Bradley Campbell with Pien Huang July 2011 Letting go of great tape hurts inside, but sometimes you have to do it. Producers Bradley Campbell and Pien Huang offer an easy four-step guide to help ease the pain.  [About radio/sound, but applies to everything.]

Liz Danzico. 2010. BETWEEN THE LINES: The art of editing: the new old skills for a curated life. interactions 17, 1 (January 2010), 16-19. This overlaps with the topics of interest for us.

Walter Murch’s Rule of Six

How much NPR edits audio (and how audio is easier than video): from On the Media.  Audio. Transcript.

Barrett Golding,From Edit to Air. November 16th, 2001. Special Feature w/ Hearing Voices. A concrete example of editing for radio.

Radio and Television Digital News Association, Guidelines for Ethical Video and Audio Editing

The Canadian Journalism Project, Ethical guidelines for editing audio

National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics