Practices of Seeing

Sturken, M., Cartwright, L., 2001. Practices of Looking: image, power, and politics.In Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture. Oxford University Press, Oxford ; New York; Read ONLY pp. 10-31. (Of course you can read more if you want to.) Representation, and the myth of photographic truth.

Goodwin, C., 2001. Practices of Seeing Visual Analysis: An Ethnomethodological Approach. in: van Leeuwen, T., and Jewitt, C., (Eds.), Handbook of Visual Analysis. SAGE, London. We’re most concerned with the discussion starting on p.11 (164).  As you read, think about practices in your own domain.

Barthes, R. (2003). Rhetoric of the image. In L. Wells (Ed.), The photography reader. London: Routledge.  (Not my scan) A classic. Here’s one of many postings of the image he writes about.

How understanding of images is affected by culture and situation. How professionals learn to use and interpret images. How professionals interpret visual materials for others.