Hands on: making video and/or photo essays, what to shoot

Grammar of TV and film: terms for and examples of different kinds of shots

Establishing shot and follow other links for other kinds

How to tell a story with video – different kinds of shots you need

Kim Komenich at J-school: excellent 1.5 hour presentation on storytelling along a timeline, e.g., video — how it differs from print or from still photos.  Well worth watching & taking notes.  Much of what he says applies to any visual stories told over time, such as a sequence of still images, not literally video.  (Ironically, this is a badly-done video of him giving a presentation that’s a combo of media.)  Lots of practical advice about different kinds of stories; ordering your story; but also about more techincal choices such as making a variety of shots, using a tripod, making shots of the right length.

Komenich recommends Dave Delozier as a great video journalist — worth looking at his work.