Materiality and Evidence

What difference does it make, to use different modes and media for presentations? Text vs images; digital vs paper; on a small screen vs on a wall screen?

J. Finn, Powell’s point: ‘denial and deception’ at the UN, Visual Communication, 9 (2010) pp. 25-49.  Claims that Powell didn’t properly understand or use the differences among the media he was using.  transcript, audio and color slides of Powell’s speech.

Jay David Bolter. Remediation and the Desire for Immediacy Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies March 2000 6: 62-71.  Remediation is an important concept for understanding the relationships among different media.

Edwards, E.  (2002) Material beings: objecthood and ethnographic photographs. Visual Studies, 17: 67-76.  Photographs as material objects: their materiality matters.