Hands On: Audio Recording and Editing

transom.org: Overall excellent source for info on audio, including reviews of tools: “channels new work and voices to public radio and public media. We offer tools, advice, and community. We focus on the power of story and the ways public media can be useful in a changing media environment.”

Mac Garage Band: some pros I know swear by it.

I prefer Audacity – free download for Mac and Windows.

Hindenburg – terrific — powerful and easy — but not free.  They do have a 30-day trial version.   For Mac and PC.

—The manual isn’t detailed, but there are excellent tutorials on YouTube.


Recording and transcribing tools 

From an email list:

I want to thank you all for sharing your experiences about using different technologies for recording online synchronous interviews.Some of you asked me to summarise and share the collective knowledge concerning the usage of different technologies. Below you find a list with mentioned tools:

– Supertintin

– Audio Hijack Pro.

– Call Recorder

– Power Gramo

– Audacity

– Snapz Pro.

– ScreenFlow

– Adobe Connect (built in technology for recording)

– Vodburner

– Callburner

Montathar Faraon shared a link to a list where 16 applications are listed (9 for PC, 4 for Mac and 3 for iPhones and iPads):