updated 2/20/12 6 pm

Freytag’s Pyramid:

Nancy Kalow’s “Visual Storytelling: The Digital Video Documentary” free pdf.  Lots of good content. We’ll be reading more of this later. This week we’re interested in: 

  • CH 3. Finding the Story
  • CH. 4 Telling Someone Else’s Story

Marie-Laure Ryan, ed. Narrative across media : the languages of storytelling Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 2004: Ch. 4: Wendy Steiner, Pictorial narrative (in dropbox)

Labov, W. Where shall I begin? In Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press. In and A.N. D. Schiffrin, A. De Fina, ed., Telling Stories: Language, Narrative and Social Life. Georgetown University Press, Washington, D.C., 2009.


Optional:  Excellent collection of essays on journalistic storytelling, using the methods of fiction for non-fiction.