Assignment: Portraits

Work in groups of three. At any moment, one of you will be the photographer; one the subject; one the assistant. Rotate your roles until each of you has done all three.

Take pictures of one another, experimenting with lighting and positioning.

Use whatever you can for lighting.  Use white paper or fabric as a reflector.  Use lamps or flashlights.  Move your light around, and move your subject around.  The goal is for each of you to end up with six reasonably good pictures of your subject, each considerably different from the others.   You’ll take a LOT more than six, to end up with six that are usable.

By “reasonably good,” I mean images that you would be willing to show (as good examples of your technique) and that your subject is happy with — don’t expect too much of one another, but remember that everyone wants to look good.

Remember Barthes’ words: