Power of Video Editing and Distorting the Truth

Great article on NPR about Ron Shiller, the NPR executive who resigned left after an embarrassing undercover video came out about him last week. This story talks about exactly how the video editing manipulated what was said through simple non truths or withholding information.


Instant G Concept Video/ Thoughts on iMovie

I think iMovie is a great tool, especially the newest version iMovie ’11. I’ve been using different versions of iMovie for the last 10 years or so and this one is definitely the most usable and granular in terms of being able to modify your video. I worked with iMovie most recently for a New Product Development course at Hass. Here is a concept movie I filmed on my iPhone 4 and then edited in iMovie ’11.

George/ Kate Project Description

I’d like to incorporate my work for my final project for the I School in this course, by documenting the community based design process over time with video. I’ll be working Kate in my final project and we are collaborating with with Youth Radio, a national non-profit based in Oakland, to develop a mobile crime/reporting application. We’ll be working with local young adults to teach them the User Centered Design process and to co-create a utility that they and their peers can use to share their stories and improve understanding of their community. Ideally I’d like the final result to be a 3-5 minute video showing an overview of our interactions with Youth Radio and the end result our work with them.

George’s Bio

Hey guys, since I started this course a little late I don’t think I properly introduced myself. My name is George and I’m a second year at the I School. Before attending Berkeley I worked as a User Experience Designer at a number of agencies in Philadelphia. I continue to work as a designer, and my interest in this field came from my undergraduate experience at UPenn where I did Psychology and Fine Arts. I focused on Photography as an undergraduate in Fine Arts, where my subject matter tended to be abandoned structures and urban blight. I’d both document and create interventions or installations about these spaces.

If you want to learn more about me visit my site: georgethayes.com