Instant G Concept Video/ Thoughts on iMovie

I think iMovie is a great tool, especially the newest version iMovie ’11. I’ve been using different versions of iMovie for the last 10 years or so and this one is definitely the most usable and granular in terms of being able to modify your video. I worked with iMovie most recently for a New Product Development course at Hass. Here is a concept movie I filmed on my iPhone 4 and then edited in iMovie ’11.

2 thoughts on “Instant G Concept Video/ Thoughts on iMovie

  1. Love it! 2 comments: what could you do to make the scene by the fireplace more visible? And: how did you record the sound? A wired mic (and perhaps a better environment) would get rid of that echo.

  2. The fireplace scene was definitely tough, it would have been nice to get better lighting but we were doing some guerrilla shooting in the St. Regis in the city. The sound was recorded through my mac’s internal mic so the quality definitely wasn’t as great as I would have liked it.

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