Dan C

I’m Daniel Chiang, second year I School Master’s student. My focus at the I School is user interface design and user experience research. I took up photography to help take pictures for my church and other campus student groups. I think I’ve read alot about different photographic techniques but haven’t gotten around to practice most of them. I bought a Canon T2i partly for its HD video capabilities (and ‘cuz I couldn’t afford a 7D) and use it here and there for personal stuff.

I also have some experience with video production (Avid DV, Final Cut), storyboarding, and scriptwriting, so I thought this class would be a great chance to acquire more formal training on both storytelling through media and the technical aspects of production. Like others, I’m also interested in this class for my final project and presentation.

My email is ude.yelekreb.loohcsinull@gnaihcd.


Hey Everyone, I am Sean Carey, I am a second year master’s student in the School of Information at Berkeley. After coming to the Information School, I have become most interested in prototyping, designing and user experience research. I have prior interest in photography from sports and landscape photography.

I’d say I am a moderately advanced photographer, borderline expert. I do not have any darkroom photography experience, just digital. I would like to apply whatever skills I learn here for use in my final project, but also to expand my knowledge and skills at photography.

Usually the best way to contact me is via email. I addictively check it: ude.yelekreb.loohcsinull@yerac_s