Curse of the Black Gold Photography

Here’s a link to the Ed Kashi photographs we looked at in class on Wednesday: Curse of the Black Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta

Also, for any outdoor enthusiasts out there, check out Jimmy Chin’s photography.  He’s a professional skier for the North Face and a really talented photographer.  When looking at some of these cliff-side shots, I couldn’t help thinking of the discussion we had in class about photographers recreating photo-worthy moments!


Sorry for the late introduction–there were some technical problems in getting my account set up.  I’m Araba,  a first year PhD student in anthropology.  I am interested in media, advertising, and the cultural politics of representation in Nigeria.  I’m interested in interpreting visual media as well as exploring some of the theoretical concepts in visual anthropology.  That said, I’m looking forward to trying to create my own visual narratives and learning more about photography.  I’m also interested in how photography and video can be incorporated in ethnography.

I have always had a camera with me when I’ve traveled abroad, but I have done little experimentation with my camera.  My experience with video editing consists of a film course I took in high school where we had to make our own movies.