RR 06 – HTC Vive Experience

The best part that I enjoy HTC Vive is the part where I get to create/paint a 3D object. The painting application not only contain conventional paint brush for the users to paint their objects but also provide other paint brushes such as smoke, rainbow, stars, etc. This make me felt that I was not only painting an object but rather more like decorating a space where all sorts of imagination is possible. Furthermore, within the application I was able to take a snapshot of my work and share it with other people I wish to share after my experience. In addition, an other application that I enjoyed was the flying experience application where it stimulate the movement  of an object flying in between the clouds. I enjoy the application because although my body was not physically moving as the view, I still felt the movement as the setting changes. The application showed the attempt of the development team trying to combine VR applications with sports. The application show me the potential of VR in the sports domain.
On the other hand, one aspect that I didn’t enjoy was the solitary part of using VR. While experiencing VR because of its physical and functional constraints I was not able to interact with other people even when other people are in the same room with me. I will be great if I may interact with other people while using the VR. Another aspect that the design team didn’t address is the physical relationship with other objects in the room while using VR. There were several occasions where had other people not warned me about other objects in the room, I would have bumped into them. As a result, it will greatly enhance my experience if the design team address this issue.

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