Seamlessly Personalized Fashion

I have been thinking about this general idea for a while now. The idea that the clothes we wear are indicative of our own personal style, but that they can be made furthermore personalized (and intimate), is a compelling art and fashion piece. The fabric would tell a story that is specific to the person wearing it, and perhaps not understandable without them providing the context. I see a visualization — of paths walked throughout a day, a few days, a week; of the number of hugs received plotted on a plane; of brisk and lull moments depicted through color — showcased on the fabric of the material. In this vision, the garment is usually a sweater, but could potentially take other forms (scarf, pants, tee shirts). In this vision, the visualization grows quietly, denoting aspects of the person’s time wearing it without interrupting the person’s day. This way, the wearer may go about their business, getting lost and consumed in their daily activities, able to remember and reflect on the day once they remove the garment from their back. Additionally, because the garment is worn, it is inherently public. And in this way, the wearer is choosing to narrate a bit of their personal, unique story to an audience — any audience that crosses their path. Again, the audience may be unaware of what the plot may be, but it could be a probe that makes them curious (even if it is momentary, a stranger wonders about the life of another).

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