Thoughtless acts

I came across a few thoughtless actions inspired by my MIMS classmates.

When a student comes to a small classroom where there is no table in front of him/her, people often put their laptop on their legs in this posture. An easy design solution would be to add a foldable table for each chair, like these foldable/hidden ones for the front seats on any airplanes. Many other universities have this kind of chairs,¬†unfortunately, South Hall doesn’t have them.


Another thoughtless action is also inspired by my classmate: when people have a luggage or bag while sitting in a moving vehicle, they want to free their hands to do other things, while at the same time, they want to hold their belongings. Many people would put the luggage between their legs to secure it. A design solution could add a clip on the bag or luggage that hold it against the wall or holding poles.


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