Thoughtless Act: Saving Private Veggie

Frozen vegetables and fruit can be incredibly useful (particularly peas, I’ve found). They’re inexpensive, last forever, and in some cases can be even better than the raw version. But, every time I open a bag, I’m at risk for spillage. Moreover, the contents will freeze over once the bag has been opened, so it becomes nearly impossible to access the contents a second time without also getting ice. Not great for cooking. I co-opted a few clips and the wire rack in my freezer to solve the problem:


OneĀ solution would be to change the design of these bags to include some kind of closing mechanism (like a Ziploc sliding closure) that allows for the removal of air from the bag. You could further improve the design by making the bag thicker and flatteningĀ the bottom of the bag to enable it to stand up properly for better organization.

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