Mid-Project Report and Presentation

Writeup due November 13 at 9am.  Turn in on your project blog  page.

Writeup should contain material from the proposal (updated as necessary) as well as new material, as shown below:

    • Project title
    • Team members and roles
    • Name of twitter project mentor
    • Project goals (one paragraph)
    • Project strategy
    • Project timeline
    • A literature review of approaches to the problem, containing at least 9 publications or other substantial references.
    • Accomplishments to date on the project, including but not limited to
      • Further refinement of project goals
      • Data gathering
      • Algorithm development
      • Software architecting
      • Coding
      • Interface design
    • Next steps
    • A table showing work percentages by each team member

Additionally, each team will present their mid-project progress report to the class.  Each team will have 10 minutes to present.  A timer will be set to be sure that the presentation does not go over time.  There will be 2 minutes for questions as the next group sets up.  Presentation order will be the same as shown in the projects listing on the web pages on the blog.