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Divya Karthikeyan
Vimal Kini
Arian Shams
Gaurav Nitin Shetti

Miguel Rios

Project goals:

Visualizing sales/deals over Bay area and SF on the basis of Tweets. The project would encompass

  1. Listening to the streaming API to detect tweets about sales/deals from SF/East Bay
  2. Visualizing tweets related to sales on map as a “sales cloud” to allow users to instantly identify hot sales/deals that other shoppers are tweeting about.
  3. Updating the map in real-time (about every 1⁄2 hour)
  4. Allowing users to search by topics within the tweets and adjust the heat mapaccordingly. For instance, a user can search for tweets related to “Shoes,” which wouldthen modify the map to show tweets relating to sales with the term “Shoes” in the text.
  5. Allowing users to focus on certain regions of the map and view the sales tweets from those regions.
  6. Optional – allow store owners to sign up to the service and advertize sales/coupons.