Final Project Deliverables

[Due: Dec 10, 5pm] (60% of the project grade) Final project due. This must

  • a) Project write-up consisting of the same material from Nov 13, updated as
  • needed, and augmented with a full description of the results.
  • b) Documentation of any software developed. If an app was made, a link to
  • the working app along with instructions for how to run it.
  • c) Description of which goals were met, or if goals changed, how and why
  • this was done.
  • d) Software along with instructions to run it
  • e) Links to data and how to make use of it.
  • f) A description of what percent of work was done by each team member.
  • g) A copy of your final presentation.

(Turn in via your project web pages.)

[Dec 6 and Dec 11]: (10% of the project grade) Final project presentations at
Twitter and UCB, respectively.

Dec 6: 6pm-8:30pm

Dec 11: 4pm-6pm, 210 South Hall