Twitter Product Referral Bot


  • Geobio Boo (
  • Leslie Chang (
  • Lauren Fratamico (


  • Marcus Phillips


  • We built a referral bot (@sirosquishy) that first finds keywords in tweets where someone is expressing a desire for a product and then sends a reply to the tweeter with a message such as “Here is the top selling [product they were looking for]!”. This is a subscription only bot. It will only tweet to followers if they express a desire for a product in their tweet. The product results will be queried from Amazon. Since this bot is intended to be a service that people enjoy using, we are also hoping to avoid it being labeled as spam. Twitter may detect our bot as spam and ban it so our group will have to think about avoiding their spam detection.

Write-Up #1:
Twitter Product Referral Bot Write-Up

Final Write-Up
Final Project Write Up

Twitter Presentation Slides
Twitter Presentation Slides