Kevin Huynh

Hello hello.

I’m Kevin Huynh, 1st year Mechanical Engineering grad student.  My interests are wide and my background is ironic.  In short, I like to make ideas happen and I’m obsessed with creativity and inspiration.

I’m interested in working in design strategy/innovation consulting, and rich media and story telling has always come up as an integral part of that.  I started a social art sideproject called the Common Camera Project that’s distributing hundreds of disposable cameras in a take-a-pic-and-pass-it-on campaign in search of inspiration.

I’m interested in learning more about photography (and learn how to take better pics) as well as better frame my thinking about how images can be employed to tell better stories.  I don’t have a huge background with photography apart from being an appreciator and an owner of a point and shoot.  I’ve worked a lot with photoshop (but primarily for graphic design purposes) and have dabbled in video editing with Adobe Premiere on a few occasions.  Enough to survive.

Pleasure to meet ya.