Syllabus – as of 11/25/13

We will start the semester emphasizing  with hands-on work. The readings will escalate as we get into more theory and reflection later in the semester.

Aug 29 – Intro to the Course

1. Sept. 3 & 5 Introduction to visual media

Tu & Th: We will look at some examples of the sorts of projects we are concerned with — and of the kinds of projects you might do.  If you know of examples of the sorts of work that you are interested in, that are done in your field, and so on, please be prepared to show one in class.  This will be useful for all of us.


    • Intro to students
    • Read carefully, to discuss in class:  Rose, Gillian. 2001. Visual methodologies: an introduction to the interpretation of visual materials.  London: Sage. Chapter 1: Researching visual materials: towards a critical  visual methodology. pp. 1-27  Rose Ch


  • Continue discussion of Rose
  • Added 9/3: the link to the video
  • Before class, spend some time familiarizing yourself with you camera and its manual, even if it’s just your phone.  (If you don’t have a manual, it’s almost certainly available online.)
  • Bring your camera to class (and your manual)
  • Assignment: Photograph your morning  See general information about assignments.

2. Sept. 10 & 12 Getting starting making and interpreting images


Reading(s) will be added. 9/5

Getting started with multimedia narrative: an overview of the kinds of skills needed and why.


Added 9/10 — look at Composition

3. Sept. 17 & 19 Narrative

Tu:  Change Your Point of View

Th:  Experiment with Exposure

Visual narrative:  viewed in class Sept. 19

4. Sept. 24 & 26  Photographing People; Mobile

This week: meetings with Nancy

 5. Oct 1 & 3 Video

6.  Oct. 8  Video, cont.


Video editing

Oct: 10 Audio

Tu Th:  Make a Short Video  Due date changed 9/23  Link fixed 10/3

Oct 10: short description and progress report for your final project due.  Most of you have a pretty good idea of what you are doing, but I want to know how it is progressing and how your ideas about the topic may be changing.

7. Oct. 15 & 17 Audio, concluding;  Updated 10/12

Tues: finish reviewing everyone’s videos

Thurs: Audio

8. Oct. 22 & 24

Tues: conclude Audio

Discuss Murch — updated 10/17

 Make a short audio piece  Will will listen to and comment on everyone’s audio pieces today.  Link fixed 10/17


Thurs: Working with People: ethics; relationships

For Tues:  Thurs:  Photograph some people

9. Oct. 22 & 24    29 & 31 – Editing; Lighting updated 10/24

Tues: technical: Lighting  updated 10/15 

Thurs: Editing  The heart of putting together a story added 10/24  updated 11/4

Editing examples

Now we can start choosing among and/or putting together still images, video, and audio

Oct 31: do Halloween assignment today!

10. Nov 5

Review people’s Halloween assignment

Nov 7: NO CLASS. Nancy out of town.

11. Nov. 12 & 14

Editing   (cont)

Editing examples  added 11/13

12. Nov. 19 & 21

Priority will be given to reviewing and commenting on students’ work in progress.

Editing   (cont)

Editing examples  moved 11/14


13. Nov. 26  – Nov. 28th is Thanksgiving


Rough Cuts: I highly recommend that you share at least part of a rough cut with the class for critique this week or the next.   We’ll use as much time in class as we can for critique.  It will help us give you better feedback if you  put something online for people to see before class.

If everyone waits till next week, we won’t have much time to spend on each project, so I highly recommend that at least some people have something to show us Nov 26.  What other content we cover will depend on how much time we need for rough cuts.

14. Dec. 3 & 5

Rough cuts, cont. 

RRR Week – Dec 10 & 12 added 11/22



TuesDec 10 ThDec 12
10 Kayu
10:30 Andrea Caroline
11 Patrick Meena
11:30 Matt* Jordan
12 Sophie Brendan
12:30 Robbie Nick
1 Danni

Papers and media products due: specific date TBA