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January 16, 2012

About the course website

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This site is temporary. We are going to be a pilot course for CalCentral.

Also, and not coincidentally, the CalCentral people are going to pitch one or more potential course projects evaluating this new tool.


Please sign up for course email list

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I School students know how to do this.

Others: send email to majordomo@ischool. Message:

subscribe i214

Link to Syllabus

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Syllabus is here.

Usability Challenge: Broader Backsides and Seat Widths

Filed under: usability examples in the news — Nancy Van House @ 4:51 pm
Transit Agencies Face the New Calculus of Broader Backsides
Published: January 15, 2012
Each time a New York area transit agency decides to purchase new trains or buses, it must consider whether to make its seats wider, usually at the expense of passenger capacity.

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