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January 16, 2012

Final Projects

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Your major project for this course is an applied piece of user experience research.

This may be:

  • an investigation of user needs for a proposed product, information system, service, web site, or similar; or
  • an evaluation and assessment for a prototype or an existing one, or
  • some combination of these.

The more real it is, the better the project. The best projects are for an actual client. But you can also pick a site or product with which you have no direct connection.

You must use a minimum of three substantive methods that we address in the course. (We’ll discuss this further.)

Given the constraints of the semester, this is likely to be more of a pilot project than an actual, completed project for a client. It’s most important that you get to practice a variety of methods and the entire process from planning to to analysis and delivery of a product. It’s unlikely that you’ll have time to go into enough depth with each method to have defendable results.

This can be an individual or a group project; group projects are recommended.

Due date: TBA.


  • a paper for me describing what you did, your findings, and how you would do it differently in the future, based on this experience. This is not the report you’d give a client, because I want more explanation and justification than a client might.
  • a presentation for the class — consider this a dry run of your presentation for your client (but you’ll probably have to give us a little more background).
More details to come.


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