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I214 Schedule Fall 2010

updated 10/31/10

Textbook: Mike Kuniavsky, Observing the User Experience: A Practitioner’s Guide to User Research, Morgan Kaufmann.

Update 8/27/10: The Usability Body of Knowledge is now developed enough to be treated as an adjunct text for this course. It is an encyclopedia of usability methods and other topics.  It includes descriptions, how-tos, special considerations, and references for each topic.

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1 – Th, Aug 26 Intro to the course & requirements
2 – Aug 31 & Sept 2
Begin expert evaluation
Please fill out student information form, print it, and bring to classIntro to concepts and issues of UX and usabilityIntro to User Experience Research
Overview of Methods – also helpful for project planning
Initial discussion of final projectsReadings
Sept 2: Assn 1, Naive Usability Assignment due: Discuss in class.Expert evaluation
-with prototypes or existing products
-Competitive analysis
– as a way of formulating key issues/elements of usabilityKuniavsky ch. 14
Other readings TBA
3 – Sept 7 & 9 Expert
evaluation, cont.
Intro to working with users
Heuristics & GuidelinesUsing available data Kuniavsky ch. 15Formative evaluationBegin discussion of working with users Intro to Working with Users Readings

Ethics slides

Theories of tech use added 9/9 slides

Deciding whom to study

Field Studies: Observation & reporting

Digital recording of data: audio, video, and still photography

4 – Sept 14 & 16
Usability testing
Update 9/10/10: we’ll finish talking about ethics todayRecruiting participants Kuniavsky p. 83-103User and task analysis
Usability measurement
Begin usability testingDigital recording
Usability testing, cont.Card Sorting I
Video for usability testing
5 – Sept 21 & 23(revised to reflect actuality)
Usability testing
Begin interviewing
This week: Each project group meets with NVH
usability testingVideo for usability testingUsability measurementFinal Project Descriptions Due Sept 21Assn 2, Observation Assignment due – a report such as you would deliver to a client — Review in class and discuss usability testing, cont.
Interviewing for usability testing
Mobile usability testingOther special cases of usability testing
Remote Usability Testing
6 – Sept 28 & 30 Project fundamentals:

  • Issues in taking on projects (for this course and in professional practice)
  • Scoping the work
  • Dealing with clients
  • Project design and scheduling Managing project data

Data Analysis and Reporting I: Analyzing and Reporting Usability Test Results – Resources



Slides from last semester Very thorough; we’re not going to go over all this in class but you MUST know this material to be a good interviewer.

7 – Oct 5 & 7 Usability Testing Assignment due: a summary video and written reportWe’ll view some of the videos in class

Interviewing, contd.

Guest Speaker
Lucy Greco
Assistive Technology Specialist
Disabled Student’s Program UC Berkeleyhttp://attlc.berkeley.edu that web access issues are generalizable to other kinds of accessibility.

Current legal developments she’ll talk about:White House on ADA: read down to discussion of e-textbooksMajor changes proposed in rules on website

Be sure you review:

W3C Accessbility

W3C introduction to web acccessibility

W3C Quick tips

Section 508 standards

Also useful:

WAI guidelines and techniques

National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Medicine, Making Your Web Site Senior Friendly: a Checklist

Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design –”Helps designers and developers create websites, software, hardware, and consumer products that are accessible to people with disabilities, provide a better user experience for all, and realize the additional benefits of accessibility.”

8 – Oct 12 & 14
Interviewing: analyzing interview data

Readings and resources

Updated 10/13 – moving personas and scenarios from yesterday

Qualitative data:

Personas and scenarios

Surveys content updated slightly 10/13

9 – Oct 19 & 21 updated 10/15

Card-sorting II

Qualitative Data Analysis

What to bring to class for qualitative data analysis exercise

Interview assignment due; discuss in class


Survey Slides 1

10 – Oct 26 & 28 Surveys, cont

Survey Slides 2

Surveys, cont
11 – Nov 2 & 4 Guest speaker

UX for mobile

Suzanne Ginsburg Author of Designing the iPhone User Experience

Data analysis and reporting: quantitative data; surveys and more

Good source on survey analysis in general

Look at an example: Pew, Reputation Management and Social Media. Skim the report; look also at the questionnaire and how they present those data.

12 – Nov 9

Nov 11: campus holiday

Other forms of data elicitation: diary studies, cultural probes.

Diary studies: Kuniavsky, pp. 369-385

Optional: Diary Studies

Cultural probes: Look at this summary.

This piece is a classic: Gaver, B., Dunne, T., and Pacenti, E. 1999. Design: Cultural probes. interactions 6, 1 (Jan. 1999), 21-29.

13 – Nov 16 & 18 Reporting and presentations


Sample reports and templates

Sample videos

Look at this presentation on design deliverables.  It’s long and it’s about a more comprehensive design process than we’re doing in here, but he both talks about and demonstrates ways to present UX work.

Reporting and presentations, cont.

Guest speaker: Liz Goodman

Liz’s slides

Look at this page with advice and links for different kinds of TED talks.

14 – Nov 23Nov 25: Thanksgiving Various topics


15 – Nov 30 & Dec 2 Final presentations




Loyalty programs

Final presentations




+ Course evaluations

RRR week NVH out of town
December 22 Final Papers Due

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