i213 Fall 2012: UI Design and Development

August 28, 2012

Group Pitches Due next Tuesday

by Tapan Parikh

Your group project pitches are due next Tuesday in class.  Each group will have 5 minutes (max) to describe:

Team sizes of 4-5 are preferred.  At least 4 students must already be registered for the class. If you want to join a group, or need more members for your group, please speak up in class and/or use the course mailing list.

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August 24, 2012

Subscribe to the mailing list

by Tapan Parikh

Please subscribe to the mailing list if you have not done so already. You should have received several messages today. Some of you may have been inadvertently unsubscribed if you subscribed before class today. Thanks!

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August 21, 2012

First Assignment

by Tapan Parikh

Yes, already, but its short and hopefully interesting.  If you have an idea that you would like to pursue in the course, be prepared to make a short “pitch” to recruit other students in class on Tuesday August  28th.  Your pitch should be short – about 2-3 minutes, laying out as best you can 1) who your user is, 2) what their pressing need is, 3) why this is an opportunity and 4) any partners or users you already have lined up.  Preferably you can do this without Powerpoint, but if you need it, it will be there. Please use this Google spreadsheet to coordinate the group formation process.

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Welcome to INFO 213!

by Tapan Parikh

Welcome to INFO 213, the UC Berkeley School of Information’s graduate-level course in User Interface Design and Development.  Please make sure to follow this RSS feed for announcements and assignments; and this one if you want to keep up with comments.  There is also a tentative schedule with readings posted.  To access protected readings, you will need to request an I-School account here. There is also a wait list for the course this year, so make sure to attend all classes to ensure your spot.  Your participation in the class will partially depend on being part of a project team by the end of the second week.  See you next week!

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