i213 Fall 2012: UI Design and Development


This course will cover the design, prototyping, and evaluation of user interfaces and applications for computing devices, often referred to as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). HCI covers many topics, including:

Course Objectives
The goal of the course is for students to learn how to design, prototype, and evaluate user interfaces and computing applications using a wide variety of methods. Students should come away with an understanding of:

Professor: Tapan Parikh, 303B South Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1-2PM (please email me if you plan to attend)

TA: Meena Natarajan
Office Hours: By Appointment

Class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00-12:30 PM in 210 South Hall.

Mailing List
Course mailing list is i213@ischool.berkeley.edu. Subscribe here.

Grades will be determined primarily by a student’s performance on group assignments and in-class participation. The group project will be the core deliverable of the class, and will carry a significant weighting in the course grade. The class will not be graded on a curve. While the final grade assignment is subject to the instructors’ discretion, the following is a rough breakdown of the weight given to various components in the course.

Late Policy
Homework is due before 9AM on the due date. We will accept late assignments, but the grades will be reduced by one letter grade (if submitted within one week). There is no allowance for late group presentations.

The use of laptops is frowned upon during lecture.  Laptops are not allowed during presentations by your classmates or guests.

Readings will be posted to the course schedule. Most will be provided online, some with restricted access. You will need an I-School account to access these, which you can request here. Other useful books, readings, videos and other references can be found here.