i213 Fall 2012: UI Design and Development



Date Lecture Reading Assignments
Aug 23 Introduction Out: Project Pitch
Aug 28 Project Brainstorming In: Project Pitch (optional)
Aug 30 What is Design? Winograd, T. (1996) Intro. and Ch. 1 in Bringing Design to Software
Mountford, J.S. (1990) Tools and techniques for creative design
Erickson, T.D. (1990) Creativity and design
Rheingold, H. (1990) An interview with Don Norman
Out: Group Pitch / Team Descriptions
Sep 4 Team Pitches In: Group Pitch / Team Descriptions
Sep 6 Participant Observation and Contextual Inquiry Beyer and Holtzblatt (1998) Contextual Design, Chapters 1-3, 6
Gaffney, G. (1999) Affinity Diagramming
Out: Observation
Sep 11 Contextual Inquiry Activity
Sep 13 Personas and Other User Research Methods Carroll, J.M. & Rosson, M.B. (1990) Human-computer interaction scenarios as a design representation Proc. HICSS ’90
Carroll, J.M. (2000) Five reasons for scenario-based design Interacting with Computers.
Pruitt, J. and Grudin, J. (2003) Personas: practice and theory Proc. DUX ’03.
Alan Cooper, The Inmates are Running the Asylum, Chapter 9
Sep 18 Personas Activity
Sep 20 Prototyping Houde, S. and Hill, C. (1997) What do prototypes prototype? From Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction
Rettig, M. (1994) Prototyping for Tiny Fingers Communications of the ACM.
Ehn, P. and Kyng, M. (1991) Cardboard computers: Mocking-it-up or hands-on the future From Design at Work: Cooperative Design of Computer Systems
Wagner, A. (1990) Prototyping: A day in the life of an interface designerFrom The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design
Out: Lo-Fi Prototype
Sep 25 Prototyping Activity
Sep 27 Group Presentations In: Observation
Oct 2 Group Presentations
Oct 4 Formative Evaluation Gomoll, K. and Nicol, A. (1990) Guidelines for user observation
Jakob Nielsen, Usability Engineering, Chapter 5
Jakob Nielsen,How to conduct a heuristic evaluation
Jakob Nielsen, Ten Usability Heuristics
Oct 9 Formative Evaluation Activity In: Lo-Fi Prototype
Out: Formative Evaluation
Oct 11 Mental Models and Affordances Norman, D. Design of Everyday Things, Chapters 1-2
Gaver, W. (1991) Technology affordances Proc. CHI ’91.
Norman, D. (1999) Affordance, convention and design ACM Interactions.
Cooper, Alan. (1995) About Face, Chapters 3-6
Oct 16 Balsamiq Activity In: Formative Evaluation
Out: Balsamiq Prototype
Oct 18 Reflective Design Winner, L (1986) Do artifacts have politics?Sengers et al. (2005) Reflective DesignGaver et al. (2003) Ambiguity as a Resource in DesignExamples of Critical Design:
Would you shoot an Iraqi in cyberspace?
http://inspot.org/Suggested readings:Carl DiSalvo, Adversarial Design, MIT Press 2012Dunne and Raby (2001) Design Noir: The Secret Life of Electronic Objects.
Oct 23 Guest Lecture by Margaret Stewart, Design Director at Facebook
Oct 25 Graphic Design Kevin Mullet and Darrell Sano (1994) Applying Visual Design: trade secrets for elegant interfaces
Further Reading: Kevin Mullet and Darrell Sano (1995) Designing Visual Interfaces
Oct 30 Group-to-group feedback In: Balsamiq Prototype
Out: Functional Prototype
Nov 1 Usability Testing Jakob Nielsen, Usability Engineering, Chapter 6
Nov 6 Crowd-sourcing (guest lecture by Anand Kulkarni) Kittur et al. (2008) Crowdsourcing User Studies With Mechanical Turk
Kulkarni et al. (2012) MobileWorks: Designing for Quality in a Managed Crowdsourcing Architecture
Khanna et al. (2010) Evaluating and improving the usability of Mechanical Turk for low-income workers in India
Out: Experiment Design
Nov 8 In-class work day
Nov 13 Cognitive Theories in HCI Johnny Accot and Shumin Zhai (1997) Beyond Fitts’ law: models for trajectory-based HCI tasks
Card, Moran and Newell (1983) Model Human Processor
Bonnie John and David Kieras (1996) The GOMS family of user interface analysis techniques: comparison and contrast
Out: Final Submission
Nov 15 History of HCI Jonathan Grudin (2005) Three faces of human-computer interaction
Nov 20 In-class Pilot Usability Test In: Functional Prototype
In: Experiment Design
Nov 27 Final Presentations In: Final Presentation
Nov 29 Final Presentations
Dec 10 In: Final Submission

Thanks to Jake Wobbrock, Scott Klemmer, Rob Miller, James Landay and Marti Hearst for inspiring many of these slides, readings and other materials!