Previous Course Work

Student papers, articles, and projects from the Data Science course “Human Concerns” (previously titled “Legal, Policy and Ethical Concerns”) are hosted here, organized by semester, in chronological order (most recent class at the top).

Fall 2015

“Reality” by Google – Ankit Tharwani, Annalaissa Johnson, Guillermo Monge

Summer 2015

Browser Tracking, Business Risk? – Christopher J. Llop

Spring 2015

Final Assignment – Simon Macarthur
Mobile App Monetization – Sharon Lin, Kunal Shah
New Credit: How Data Science is Changing Lending – James Jasper and Jared Maslin
An Investigation of Data Policies in Online Learning Platforms – Sam Zaiss
Data Access Management Protocol (DAMP) DRM for Consumer Data – Michael Demertzi, Nikhil G. Kurup, Nikhita Koul
Moby Dick Plays Games: How Captain Ahab Made His Fortune – Gunnar Kleemann, Tom Kunicki