Course Readings:

  • John Lofland and Lyn Lofland, Analyzing Social Settings: A Guide to Qualitative Observation and Analysis, 3rd or 4th edition [I recommend buying a copy off of Amazon, Powells, or other new and used book sources for convenience, but will also make the relevant chapters available on the website]
  • Course Reader available at Zee Zee Copy, 2431-C Durant Ave. Berkeley, CA 94704
DATE TOPIC READINGS (please read before class) SLIDES
Thu 8/28/14 What is Qualitative Research?
Tue 9/2/14 Epistemology, Research Design – Becker, Epistemology of Qualitative Research (handed out in class, and available here)

– Creswell, Chapter 1, Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches (handed out in class, and available here)

– my notes on Habermas (one page)

– Habermas, Knowledge and Human Interests, Appendix

– Law and Urry, ‘Enacting the Social,’ Economy and Society

Thu 9/4/14 Components of the Research Process, Induction, Iteration – Flick, ‘Process and Theories’ [here]

– O’Reilly, ‘Inductive and Deductive’ [here]

Tue 9/9/14 Sampling and ‘Corpus Construction’ – Lofland and Lofland, Chap. 1-3 [download]

– Bauer and Aarts, ‘Corpus Construction’ [CR]

– Small, ‘How many cases do I need?’ [CR]

Thu 9/11/14 Observation, Participation, and Ethnography Participant-Observation and the Mechanics of Data Collection:

– Blomberg et al., ‘An Ethnographic Approach to Design’ (pgs. 965-973) [CR]

– Lofland and Lofland, on logging data [download]

– Boellstorff et al, ‘Other Data Collection Methods for Virtual Worlds Research’ [CR]

– The UC Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects the Belmont Report

Tue 9/16/14 Observation, Participation, and Ethnography – II 3 classics:

– Geertz, ‘Thick Description’ [CR]

– Clifford, ‘On Ethnographic Authority’ [CR]

– Rosaldo, ‘Subjectivity in Social Analysis’ [CR]

questions for the readings


Thu 9/18/14 Discussion of Observation Exercise
Tue 9/23/14 Locating Fieldwork: Multi-Sitedness, Virtual Worlds – Burrell, ‘The Fieldsite as a Network’ [CR]

– Hine, ‘Virtual Ethnography: Modes, Varieties, Affordances’ [CR]

– WRITING EXAMPLE: Boellstorff, Selections from Coming of Age in Second Life [CR]

– Burrell (forthcoming) ‘Through a Screen Darkly’: On Remote, Collaborative Fieldwork in the Digital Age [here]

Thu 9/25/14 Discussion of Observation Exercise
Tue 9/30/14 Analysis: Coding and Generating Themes – Charmaz, ‘Invitation to Grounded Theory’ and ‘Coding in Grounded Theory Practice’ [CR]

– Lofland and Lofland, chap. 9 [download]

Thu 10/2/14 Analysis Workshop 1 [come prepared with your note cards]
Tue 10/7/14 Analysis Workshop 2 [come prepared with your note cards]
Thu 10/9/14 After Analysis: Writing Up Based on Participant-Observation Work – WRITING EXAMPLE: Spitulnik, Zambian Radio Culture [CR]

– WRITING EXAMPLE: Hutchins and Klausen, Distributed Cognition in an Airline Cockpit [CR]

Tue 10/14/14 Design Ethnography – Blomberg et al., ‘An Ethnographic Approach to Design’ (pgs. 973-984) [CR]

– Dourish, ‘Implications for Design’ [CR]

– Suchman, Lucy Anthropology as ‘Brand’: Reflections on Corporate Anthropology [OPTIONAL]

Thu 10/16/14 Interviewing 1 – Introduction
[Assignment 1 due]
– Weiss, introduction to Learning From Strangers [CR]

– Suchman and Jordan, ‘Interactional Troubles in Face-to-Face Survey Interviews’ [CR]

(plus comments on the Suchman and Jordan article: by statisticians, survey researchers, a conversation analyst, plus a rejoinder by Suchman and Jordan)

– Lofland and Lofland, on designing interview guides (Chapter 5, section III) [download]

Tue 10/21/14 Workshop: Critique of Interview Techniques and Coding Exercise [slides]
Thu 10/23/14 Projective Interviewing – Young and Barrett, ‘Adapting Visual Methods: action research with Kampala street children’ [CR]

– Anderson et al, ‘Numbers have Qualities Too: Experiences in Ethno-Mining’ [CR]

– Gaver et al, ‘Design: Cultural Probes’ [CR]

Tue 10/28/14 Focus Groups and Expert/Elite Interviews – Morgan and Krueger, ‘When to Use Focus Groups and Why’ [CR]

– Thomas 1995, ‘Interviewing Important People in Big Companies’ [CR]

Thu 10/30/14 Guest Speaker: Stuart Geiger, “Ethnographic approaches to mediated and distributed organizations” Trace Ethnography (2011) Geiger and Ribes
Tue 11/4/14 Discussion of Interviews
Thu 11/6/14 The Role of Text, Document, and Image Analysis in Field-Based Research – Rose, Content Analysis [CR]

– WRITING EXAMPLE: Heath and Luff, ‘Documents and Professional Practice’ [CR]

– OPTIONAL: Rose, Semiology [CR]

– OPTIONAL: Garfinkel, ‘Good Organizational Reasons for ‘Bad’ Clinical Records [CR]

Thu 11/13/14 Guest Speaker: Ben Gebre-Medhin (TBC) – on topic modeling – Introduction–Topic Models: What they are and why they matter (2013) Poetics [download]
Tue 11/18/14 Evaluating Qualitative Research
[Assignment 2 due]
– Bauer and Gaskell, ‘Towards Public Accountability: beyond sampling, reliability, and validity’ [CR]

– Kvale, ‘The Social Construction of Validity’ [CR]

Thu 11/20/14 Ethics – Thorne, “You Still Takin’ Notes?” Fieldwork and problems of informed consent.” [CR]

– de Laine, “Ethical Dilemmas: the demands and expectations of various audiences,” in Fieldwork, Participation, and Practice: Ethics and Dilemmas in Qualitative Research. [CR]

– Bruckman, “Studying the Amateur Artist: A Perspective on Disguising Data Collected in Human Subjects Research on the Internet,” in Ethics and Information Technology. [CR]

Facebook emotional manipulation study controversy:

Tue 11/25/14 Project Discussion and Thoughts on Writing Up – Lofland and Lofland, on writing up [download]

– Kvale, ‘improving research reports’ [CR]

– Boellstorff et al (2012) ‘Writing Up, Presenting, and Publishing, Ethnographic Fieldwork’ in Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: A Handbook of Method [CR]

Thu 11/27/14 Thanksgiving – NO CLASS
Tue 12/2/14 The Role of Recording Technologies in Data Collection – Nafus and Anderson, ‘The Real Problem: Rhetorics of Knowing in Corporate Ethnographic Research’

– Hasbrouck and Faulkner, “Why are you taking my picture?” Navigating the Cultural Contexts of Visual Procurement [CR]

Thu 12/4/14 Discussion and Exercise – (reread) Becker, Epistemology of Qualitative Research. Available here.
Tue 12/9/14, Thu 12/11/14 RRR week