In Search of Health: Healthcare and the Information Economy


Fall 2012

Time: Friday 1:00-3:00pm (Sep 7 – Oct 26)
Location: 202 South Hall
CCN: 42637


Scott Young, M.D.

Sean Hennessey

Office Hours:
After Class and per arrangement with instructors


Overview of Course:
Health and health care have profound impact on a society’s well being and economic productivity. Health care reform and ongoing economic forces are placing unprecedented pressure on the health care system to provide consumers and payers with value. Patients, purchasers, regulators, and other key stakeholders are demanding that care be readily accessible, proactive, and focused on improving health while containing costs. The health care system, policy makers, and key stakeholders are responding by developing new care models that focus on patient and customer centricity, novel information practices, and the seamless integration of care.
Following a review of the current trends in health care, the course will explore the relationship between health care and the information economy. We will also delve into information strategies being utilized by health care providers, patients, payers, and other key stakeholders to improve care while controlling costs. Health care leaders from Kaiser Permanente and other local healthcare-related organizations will serve as guest lecturers, providing tangible perspective to our discussions.

Methods of Instruction:
Class discussion

Exams and Quizzes:
Papers / Projects:
One project (e.g. blog, wiki, app, etc…) describing or demonstrating a specific intersection between information and health or healthcare. More information will be provided during the introductory lecture.

Overall class grade will be a composite between class participation and the final paper / project:
Class Participation – 40%
Project – 60%


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