Course Description

Three hours of lecture and one hour of laboratory per week. Course must be completed for a letter grade to fulfill degree requirement. Technological foundations for computing and communications: computer architecture, operating systems, networking, security. Programming paradigms: object oriented-design, design and analysis of algorithms, data structures.


Tapan Parikh (http://people.ischool.berkeley.edu/~parikh/)

Office Hours: Tuesdays 1-2PM in South Hall 303B (email if you plan to attend)

Teaching Assistants

Sarah Van Wart
Office Hours: By appointment

Kay Ashaolu
Office Hours: By appointment

Required Text

Computer Science: An Overview, by J. Glenn Brookshear, 11th edition.

Grading Criteria

Homework 40%
Quizzes/Exams 20%
Final Exam 20%
Class Participation 20%

Course Policies

1. Academic Integrity Policy

Discussion with instructors and classmates is allowed/encouraged, but each student must turn in individual, original work and cite appropriate sources where appropriate

Campus Definition of Academic Integrity   Campus Code of Conduct (pdf)

2. Grading Policy

Please following the Assignment Style Guidelines for your assignments.

All assignments are due at 9:00AM on the due date. Unless otherwise stated, please follow the instructions for uploading your submissions described in Step 11 of the Assignment Style Guidelines.

Assignments turned in up to 24 hours after the due date will be penalized 20%.

Any assignments turned in after 24 hours will receive no credit.

Please contact the professor if you have questions about the scores you have received for your assignment or test. If you request for a re-grading of your assignment or test, the professor will reserve the right to re-grade the entire assignment or test, and you may end up with a higher or lower score.

Please contact the TAs if you have questions concerning the posted solutions for the assignments or tests, or if you believe there was a miscalculation of scores.

3. Instructors Availability Policy

Professor Parikh can be reached by email and during office hours, as well as via the mailing list.

The best way to reach the TAs is to come to the weekly Lab. If that does not provide enough time, you may schedule additional time by appointment. We will strive to answer emails and appointment requests as soon as we receive them, and usually within 24 hours of the request. However, our mileage may vary depending on how close to the due date and how complex your question is. So please do not wait until the due date to send out your questions regarding assignments.

The tutors reserve the right not to respond to your questions if you run into them outside of lab and agreed on office hours, since they have their own deadlines as well.

Please also take advantage of the class mailing list.

4. Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Policy/Etiquette

We request that you only use your computer for class-related work during class.

Please remember to turn off or silence your phones and computers (and other alarms) before each class meeting.

All of this counts in your class participation score.