Executive Summary and Partner List

Just a reminder that your executive summaries and partner lists are due Friday.

An Executive Summary is typically a summary that includes the major sections in a business plan including:

Mission: What does your “company” or entity do?  What is your ultimate goal?  What is your vision?

Market Opportunity:
Describe the problem, and how large the problem is.

Competitive Landscape:
What other players are trying to solve the problem.  There is always competition.  If its not another player, it is the status quo.

Your Solution:
What exactly are you going to do to solve it?

Management Team:
Who is your team and why are you equipped to bring this solution to market.

This is not a rigid outline, but outlines some of the major topics that are typically included in an executive summary.  I would say for this portion of the assignment, describing the Mission, Market Opportunity, and Solution is a must, and if you have room and time, describing the competitive landscape.

Partner summaries should include a short paragraph on each partner including:

  • Partner name, type of organizations, specific role you see them playing ( advisor, connector to local NGOs/farmer groups, help in working with govt officials/agencies,  direct testing of an app, etc.
  • A brief statement of why the partnership makes sense, both in terms of what they bring to the table for the success of your project but also what you see as their motivation to collaborate with you.
  • A statement as to the status of discussions with the potential partner re: their participation. It’s ok if you haven’t initiate contact yet but you might indicate at what point you intend to.

See you in class!

Slides from Partnerships Class

Slides from the establishing partnerships class can be found here: