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I’m just back from a photography trip to Peru with (among others) someone who works for Blurb and is an expert at photo books.

I’m continually adding resources and potential readings and assignments to this website.  We are not going to do everything (I wish we could!) — but I’m using this site to keep track of potential activities, topics, and readings.

Feel free to let me know if there are specific topics that interest you or fit well with your on-going projects and areas of study.

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Link to Syllabus

Syllabus is under construction.


List of pages along the right are possible topics and readings.  More TBA.  We won’t read all this; these are possibilities.  Final syllabus will depend on who’s in the class and what are people’s particular interests.

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Class Flickr Group

We will have a private Flickr group. Membership is my my approval only, and no one outside the group can see your images (unless you make them public on your own Flickr stream).

If you don’t already have an account on, please create one. It’s free.

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