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In Health Dept. Ad, PhotoShop, Not Diabetes, Took Leg

A poster being put up in the subway system shows a man who lost his leg to diabetes. But he really didn’t.

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Lightroom 4 Beta out and Free

Lightroom 4 beta is publicly available, and free.  Good not only for people who’ve been using Lightroom, but those who want to try it for free.

Lightroom is widely used and loved for managing photos (metadata, collections) and for editing.  It does a lot (but not all) of what Photoshop does, but easier.

I recommend that anyone at all interested in photography use Lightroom — the academic price is generally around $100.

Don’t buy Lightroom 3 — it’ll be obsolete soon, and academic version does not allow discounted  upgrading.

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Society for Photographic Education in SF

In SF March 22-25.

Many of the events are relevant to this course!

2012 SPE National Conference

Intimacy and Voyeurism: The Public / Private Divide in Photography

“Intimacy and Voyeurism: The Public/Private Divide in Photography” will showcase exciting and timely presentations about photography’s ongoing tensions between public and private domains, and will explore how the lines between those domains are often blurred. Join over 1,000 artists, educators and photographic professionals for programming and dialogue that will fuel your creativity. Explore our exhibits fair featuring over 70 exhibitors showing the latest equipment, processes, publications and schools with photo-related programs. Participate in one-on-one student portfolio critiquesprofessional portfolio reviews, informal portfolio sharing and take advantage of student volunteer opportunities for reduced admission. Other conference highlights include a print raffle, silent auction, film screenings, exhibitions, tours, receptions, a dance party and more!

San Francisco, CA
March 22-25, 2012 @ Hyatt Regency

Keynote Speakers: Sally Mann
Featured Speakers: Sharon OldsTrevor PaglenSandra S. PhillipsHasan Elahi
Honored Educators: Reed Estabrook


Reduced registration for student volunteers.

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I’m just back from a photography trip to Peru with (among others) someone who works for Blurb and is an expert at photo books.

I’m continually adding resources and potential readings and assignments to this website.  We are not going to do everything (I wish we could!) — but I’m using this site to keep track of potential activities, topics, and readings.

Feel free to let me know if there are specific topics that interest you or fit well with your on-going projects and areas of study.

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The Elements of the Course

Syllabus still in process.

Some key elements of the course:


Making media

Still photos, audio, video.

Content: what do you record, make, construct?

Technical elements: how do you do this?


Someone described editing as “shooting puppies” — you love what you’ve made but you can’t use it all. You have to pick (1) what’s good quality and (2) what’s essential to your story. Again, we have to deal with both content and technical means.


Telling your story — whether it’s functional (how do people do x) or creative — you have to know what your story is and how to tell it effectively with a variety of media.  Storytelling is linear. Although with new media we can break out of this constraint, for our audience and for the story we want to tell, we usually do end up with a linear product,  a story we tell in time.


Broadly defined:  presentations, online, print; however you present your project, tell your story.


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