What researchers are talking about: Videography and the analysis of visual knowledge and culture

Deadline is past but interesting for what they’re talking about. http://www.isa-sociology.org/buenos-aires-2012/rc/joint-sessions.php

The last decades have witnessed a `visual revolution´. Visual technologies have become part of the everyday life of more and morepeople who are not only audiences, but also producers. Particularly the availability and omnipresence of video recordings has transformed everyday culture as well as actors’ knowledge. At the same time, sociology and the social sciences around the globe are developing methods for the analysis of audio-visual data.


One the one hand audio-visual data allows the researchers to capture,
store and analyse visible conduct in a variety of settings.
Videographic studies have been undertaken in e.g. workspaces,
education, museum studies and vernacular communication. The methods
for studying visible conduct aim especially at reconstructing the
communication processes in which actors render visible their visual
knowledge. The analysis of video data will, therefore, be one of the
foci of the session.

On the other hand also video recordings generated by the actors come
into focus, be it recordings of private events like weddings as well
as recordings of political events that are circulated via YouTube and
Wikileaks etc. and the methodical approach to this other form of
visual data will be discussed.

The aim of this session is to bring together researchers that either
present methodological, methodical questions or exemplary empirical
analyses related to video analysis, visual knowledge, culture and
communication. Finally, other visual forms of knowledge, such as
photography or diagrams, shall be addressed in this session.

We invite sociological and social scientific papers on recent
methodical or methodological questions or empirical findings that
address questions of the analysis of visual data in the field of
visual knowledge and culture.

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