Integrative Workshop, Spring 2011

School of Information @ University of California, Berkeley


The School of Information is fundamentally about integrating knowledge from various disciplines in order to develop great information solutions for the world. In this workshop, we will apply several perspectives taught at the I-School to one case—a former final student project. The objective is to gain a greater understanding of how the various disciplinary perspectives inform and complement each other to develop an excellent solution.

The sessions will focus on one case—a 2010 student project that developed an i-Phone app for capturing, transmitting, analyzing, and presenting data on personal health (in this case, newborn eating, sleeping and pooping patterns). The solution was integrated with Google Health, and data could be summarized and transferred to pediatricians who could then use it during doctor visits.

This is an excellent case for this workshop, because it addresses all the various perspectives. In each session, we will “dissect” the case and ask: What were the pros and cons of their solutions? What were the alternatives? What would you recommend? How do the disciplinary frameworks guide you in deciding? The idea is to use the case as a concrete application and as a departure point for discussing how to best solve the problems.