Monday 10/03 – Human Centered Design and Innovation



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Reading Response
(due Oct 2 midnight)

Think about an industrial designed artifact you loved that not only met your expectations but also went beyond and changed the way you normally look at things. By referencing concepts from “strangely familiar,” “design for experiencing,” or “danger of cargo cult design,” describe your artifact as well as your discovery.

Submit your reading response by logging in to the course website using your I School credentials, go to “Post“, select the category RR05, and share your thoughts in the entry form provided.

“Thoughtless Acts” exercise
(due Oct 10 midnight)

Inspired by some of the example observations you saw in the class discussions, capture Thoughtless Acts you see around you and post them. Make sure to discuss 1) what is happening in the scene and 2) possible physical and/or virtual design solution(s).

Post your response by selecting the category Thoughtless Acts by October 10th midnight.

Here are some links to learn more about Thoughtless Acts: