Memento – Final Project Proposal

Team Memento
Group: Fay, Daniel, Michelle

Arduino Uno (x2)
Nitinol Wire (purchased, ordered, arriving Friday)
Bluetooth Shield (purchased, ordered, arriving Saturday) (x2)
Arduino Uno sensors pack kit (Grove Starter Kit Plus – ) (already have) (x2)
FS/button, Sound output, Temp sensor, sound input sensor, LED, Sound sensor
Accelerometer (do not have, looking for resource) (x2)

Project Description:
We are building on top our midterm project Memento. Memento is a pair of personal devices used between two friends or family members. For the final project, we have added a third component, a shape-changing object that will react towards the interaction between the two personal devices and represent the relationship journey. We are using Nitinol Wire (wire with memory muscle) to change the shapes of objects that will symbolize the status of the relationship.

The idea is simple: I give my best friend one of these devices and i keep the other for myself. We keep the shape-changing sculptures on our desks or workspaces, and we carry around our little “sensor” eggs. Whenever we hang out or interact with each other, our sculptures grow and change. When we don’t hang out, our sculptures display that we haven’t seen each other in a while.

Our interactions may change the sculpture in a variety of ways: when we talk a lot, our sculpture could make little sounds. When we both push the button when we’re together, there will be a visual hint sent to the paired device, and our sculpture could have elements or flowers “bloom” or a tree “grow.” And when we shake the device when hanging out together, the different levels of shaking inputs will enable different intensity of output of the device. When we both go to the same place, such as a cafe or a gym, the paired device will capture the same location information through beacon bluetooth and return visual hints.

This is an ambient way for us to collect aspects of our friendships and display it in a fun and interactive way.

Nitinol Wire Inspiration:
Nitinol Engine:
Watch How Smart Parts Self-Assemble:
More Memory Wire Experiment:
Responsive Panel:

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